I work in Nişantaşı so most of my discoveries come from this neighbourhood. I look for places to relax or chat with friends after work and have some quality food. By the way when I say I look for places I usually spot them in instagram and note them,  I just don’t walk around and discover although sometimes that happens too .. but very rarely 🙂

So after a long introduction, as you may have concluded I found Bröd through instagram 🙂  they had amazing pastry photos especially bread photos … 🙂

I told my friends about it and we visited the place on a Thursday, after work. We were around 8-9 people, sat around this big family table and tried their wonderful toasts. Every one of us was very satisfied and happy.

It’s a small place just a couple of tables inside but very cozy. You can sit and relax and have a cup of coffee, may even try some cookies or cakes.

Bröd means bread in swedish – why swedish haven’t asked yet! – so the bread of the toasts are the items here. They are made of sourdough, very delicious I must say 🙂 you can also buy bread from here. I tried bröd (their speciality), walnut- rye, whole wheat with seeds … I’m not sure how to describe or name different kinds of breads as I’m not a bread person 🙂 but once a week I make sure to give them a visit and buy a nice bread for the weekend breakfast and recommend you the same 🙂



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